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Wonder is a top-quality Spanish equipment unit renowned for its safety, efficiency and ease of use.

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The Experience

The equipment has been manufactured in accordance with the latest developments in microelectronics and computer technology.

It is the first and only device that combines Localised Electromagnetic emissions and High Intensity Selective Neurostimulation. Capable of contracting muscles up to 36,000 times with a frequency of up to 200Hz and at a record depth of 16 cm acting simultaneously on legs, arms, abdomen and buttocks.

It is the fastest, safest and most effective way to achieve a healthy, toned body in record time. In just one weekly session of 25 minutes, it allows you to intensely and simultaneously activate four muscle groups, and indirectly more than twelve.

Lift buttocks, get a flat stomach, strong legs and toned arms among other benefits. As each session is equivalent to 3 hours of functional training.

It triggers a permanent fat loss process. Other effects of this powerful muscle-building process are general body toning, functional recovery, the solution to weak pelvic floor issues, cellulite reduction and skin rejuvenation. Immediately triggering a radical process of fibre recovery, calorie burning, localised fat reduction and improved skin condition.

Only 2 sessions per week are enough to obtain highly satisfactory results. The increase in buttock and leg muscles and the decrease in abdominal circumference, as well as an improvement of the physical condition and skin´s appearance, will be permanently visible within two to four weeks, always depending on the customer´s condition at onset of training and nutritional behaviour.

Wonder is designed for everyone. It allows you to lose weight, gain muscle mass, improve movement and eradicate bone or muscle pain. It is safe and suitable for everyone, regardless of age, sex or physical condition. Only people with serious chronic diseases, with pacemakers or internal electronic devices, pregnant women and infants, and those with serious kidney or liver complications are exempted from treatment.

Unlike conventional slimming treatments, Wonder reaches the deepest muscles, which are contracted thousands of times intensely and deeply, increasing their volume and quality and consuming a large amount of unwanted fat in the process. All in a comfortable, fast and safe way.

The innovative technology used in Wonder comes from the world of elite sports, where it is used to create muscle mass and eliminate accumulated fat in a fast, healthy and safe way.

As well as its previous use as an advanced technology for elite sports (numerous national teams and world champions use it on a daily basis to build muscle mass and burn unwanted fat), Wonder now allows aesthetics professionals to define exactly the best work protocol due to the easy choice from a wide range of technical parameters, such as frequency, depth, intensity, sensations, relaxation or contraction times, etc.


Specific programme to tone muscles and eliminate superficial fat. For people who need to lose localised fat and define muscles. Balances the Body Mass Index and improves blood circulation. Increases basal metabolism.


Programme designed for intense and deep muscle building. Produces growth of muscle fibre size.


To treat loose skin, sagging tissue, flaccidity and orange peel skin. It immediately triggers metabolic activation. The impulses act on slow-type fibres at low frequencies. It also generates an important lymphatic drainage effect.


Intended for treating people in need of functional recovery due to mobility issues, bone or muscular pathologies. It is excellent in treating imbalances, pain, hernias or posture correction.

– Direct muscle training: the metabolic accelerator, positioned by means of the sensors in the areas to be stimulated with precision, brings each impulse to the right area.

– Muscle balance training: external impulses encourage the weaker muscles of the body to develop actively.

– Rehabilitation of floppy muscles: can be used to strengthen muscles without toning.

– Improved blood flow to the surrounding tissue: building muscle tissue is the most effective way to combat cellulite and localised fat accumulation.

– Fat loss: the increase in muscle and tone transforms our body by increasing the burning of calories in a basal state.

– Improves posture and well-being: the metabolic accelerator works our deepest muscles, strengthening bone support.

– Reduced back pain: the back muscles are strengthened, eliminating back pain caused by weak muscles.

– Prevents osteoporosis and bone fractures: stronger muscles also force the bones that support them to become thicker, stronger and more resistant.

– Personalised and discreet treatment programme: we can set the overload to all muscles in the most convenient way, without having to assess exercise resistance.

Maximum increasein strength

Peak force is the maximum amount of force that the nervous-muscular system can produce through conscious contraction of the muscles. (Weineck 1997). In addition, it also means physical fitness and the basic capacity of the force of speed. The difference in maximal and absolute strength can be reduced through treatment with Wonder, as it allows for better synchronisation and recruitment of motor units.

Improved physical fitness

Physical fitness becomes visible through increased resistance against fatigue after having endured a long-lasting workload. This is therefore essential on weekdays.

Treatment is therefore particularly useful for improving this type of resistance. Muscle building (hypertrophy).

Psychological effects

Psychological aspects, such as mood, motivation, feelings, etc., are of utmost importance, and a significant improvement in these factors is obtained by undergoing treatment with Wonder.

Mood, motivation

Customer relationships can be strengthened through new positive experiences and increased motivation. If customers are less tense and in a better mood, this is the most effective way to record positive changes. Treatment with Wonder positively affects mood as well.

Better body posture

Better posture is achieved through increased body awareness as a result of the treatment. This is an effective way to help customers with incorrect body posture, unilateral muscle weakness or incorrect body posture involving a concave or arched back as a result of muscular or psychological problems.

Appetite control

In many cases, appetite is detectably normalised following treatment,due to increased metabolic activity.

Decreased urinary incontinence

The Wonder device effectively stimulates the pelvic floor muscles; thus providing a very effective pelvic floor muscle strength treatment. Affected patients report improvement, or in many cases, complete elimination of symptoms. As the Wonder treatment, can be used on the entire body, if initiated early, it provides an excellent way to prevent the progression of such diseases.

Pain relief

The Wonder treatment, being based on deep electromagnetic emissions and low frequency electrostimulation also provides effective pain relief. Depending on the frequency, it activates pain inhibitory systems without causing serious side effects. However, the stimulating current does not have to be applied directly to the affected area.

Back pain relief

Back pain is the most common cause of inability to work. Spine posture, stability and mobility are determined by the core muscles. If these muscles are well trained, they relieve spine pressure and reduce wear and tear on the joints. Muscle imbalance (especially imbalance of the core extensors and flexors) are usually the main causes of back pain. The Wonder treatment has a balancing impact on muscle imbalance.

he following must not be treated under any circumstances:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women or minors
  • People with illnesses: bacterial or viral, flu-like conditions, general malaise or pain.
  • People with inguinal and abdominal wall hernias, liver, kidney or bone problems, epilepsy or cardiovascular disorders.
  • People who have recently undergone surgery or that are fitted with internal electrical devices such as pacemakers, incontinence devices, insulin pumps, etc.
  • Skin diseases, dermatitis, inflammation or irritation in the treated area.
  • Presence of open wounds, burns, bumps, bruises, ulcers or significant damage to areas in the treated area.

In the event of any doubt, always consult a medical professional

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