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Illuminating Treatment with Vitamin C

​The most powerful illuminator of nature

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The most powerful illuminator of nature.

The intense nutritional power of the treatment makes it especially recommended for dry and fatigued skins and in general for those that require a restorative and energetic stimulus.

A powerful antioxidant that reduces wrinkles and brightens the facial skin like no other active. In addition to being a non-irritating bleach that helps distribute the pigment of the spots.

What skin is Vitamin C indicated for?

  • Dark skin with spots or melasma.
  • Dead skin with dehydration or lack of vitality.
  • Skins dull yellowish or olive green.
  • Brittle skin without elasticity.
  • Flaccid skin that needs to be revitalized.

Can I apply Vitamin C treatment in summer?

 Yes, it is recommended. The sun generates free radicals and vitamin C counteracts them, so there is no risk of pigmentation. It is also ideal in the rest of the seasons, since it is a basic to prepare the skin for the summer, and after it, as it helps treat its consequences such as dehydration, sunspots or wrinkles.

Each session will generate visible results on your skin and constancy will enhance them.

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