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All our body and facial rituals

Obsidian Holistic Ritual

Body and facial technique based on energy from Mexican volcanic lands to restore all vitality to the body.

60 Minutes 50€ 

Jade Eastern Ritual

Millennial Massage Ritual made with Jade stones and essential oils.

60 Minutes 50€

Rose Quartz Venus Ritual

Body and facial massage with quartz stones of various sizes and shapes that will adapt to your body.

60 Minutes 50€

Volcanic Hot Stones Ritual

Eastern technique that uses stones in cold and / or hot cycles, applying them at certain energy points.

60 Minutes 70€

Gold Beauty Ritual

The essential 24K gold embellishes skin with its golden glow, illuminating it beautifully.

80 Minutes 70€

Pearl Powder Beauty Ritual

Pearl powder enhances cell regeneration and protects and increases the resistance of skin against external aggressions.

80 Minutes 70€

Chocolate Beauty Ritual

This Ritual tones, remineralises, nourishes and moisturises our skin, acting on our nervous system as an anxiolytic and antidepressant.

80 Minutes 70€

Pinda Hindu Ritual

This Pinda Ritual Massage comes from Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient Indian medicine, and its main purpose is the relaxation of body and mind

80 Minutes 70€

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