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Special Revitalizing Treatment for Men

Exclusive facial treatment specially designed for male skin

Rates & Duration

50 Minutes 40 €

The Experience

Our treatment rich in vitamins and amino acids provides the face with the necessary nutrients for a more rejuvenated and brighter look.

Men’s skin care is currently considered as highly important and beneficial in terms of facial appearance. Men’s skin is generally thicker, more oily and contains larger pores than women’s skin. This means that men are likely to need a slightly rougher scrub and stronger active agents.

External agents and habits such as tobacco or a poor diet, are factors that make our face not look so bright. Also, having a beard and shaving help dry to dry out skin, so if we do not perform the necessary care, this will eventually show.

Some benefits of our intensive treatment:

  • Improves the skin’s elasticity and provides firmness to the face due to its properties.
  • Relaxes maxillofacial muscles, so the expression relaxes, while helping to remove tension in the cervicals.
  • It improves the circulation of blood vessels throughout the face and improves the complexion’s appearance.
  • Eliminates dead skin cells that prevent facial skin from “breathing”, leaving it clean and healthy, providing vitality and health.

What is facial hygiene for men?

 A facial cleanse involves removing impurities from the face to give the skin a fresher and healthier appearance. Proper facial cleansing from time to time removes pore to avoid their accumulation as that can have consequences over time.

tratamiento revitalizante especial para hombres
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