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Body and Slimming Maderotherapy

Maderotherapy is an alternative technique for sculpting our body, a novelty in slimming massages

Rates & Duration

1 Sesion
Monthly Subcription
(4 Sesions)

The Experiencie

It is a reducing and firming treatment in which wooden instruments impregnated with essential oils are used. Specially recommended for treating cellulite, reaffirming, toning, sculpting and slimming the body.

Maderotherapy treatment protocol:

1. Clients are advised to be hydrated and have drunk water or infusions prior to receiving the treatment, for optimal drainage.

2. A skin analysis is performed to assess the areas to be treated and sculpted, to identify target areas with greater fatty deposits.

3. Before using maderotherapy, various manual slimming massage techniques are used that allow to prepare the skin and remove fatty deposits, using different essential oils mixed with sweet almond oil.

4. Treatment begins when the body is ready.

5. At the end of the maderotherapy, a light massage is performed by applying a fat burning cream that will help the process to be optimal.

Although results are noticeable from the first session, for the treatment to be effective, 10-15 sessions are required, combining it with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Tratamiento reductor con maderoterapia en Sevilla. Tratamiento reductor con masajes.
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