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Prenatal Massage (For Pregnant)

It combines different techniques for the needs of each stage of pregnancy and the needs of the future mother.

Rates & Duration

50 Minutes 35 €

70 Minutes 45 €

The Experience

Prenatal massage combines different techniques for each stage of pregnancy and the needs of the future mother. These massages reduce the discomfort and fatigue produced in this new stage, in addition to eliminating tension and stress.

Massages for pregnant women have a duration of 50 or 70 minutes, where we treat the whole body or only the area or areas that need it most.

How is it done in our center of massage in Seville? We have a special massage bed for pregnant women with holes for the chest and belly where you can comfortably place upside down and enjoy a complete massage. If you prefer you can also enjoy your massage on a conventional bed, sit on your back when working feet and legs and lying on your side to treat back and neck. You can choose the option where you feel better.

We used sweet almond oil to moisturize and nourish the skin while doing the massage, thus avoiding the appearance of stretch marks.

When is it advisable to get this massage? Midwives and gynecologists advise him during the second and third trimesters. The ideal protocol for this type of massage would be every fifteen days from the second trimester until the last week of pregnancy. You will can get it every week, if is necessary according to the needs of the future mom.

You can combine this massage with lymphatic drainage massage that is recommended from the first trimester or with circulatory massage.

In KoruMasajes you will enjoy a wonderful massage that will relieve your discomfort and improve your health. It is the ideal time to take care of yourself.

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