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Post-partum Massage

It aims to restore the body’s proper functioning.

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Post-partum massages are those performed on mothers after giving birth. If you had a normal birth, you can begin to have these massages a month after delivery, and if you had a c-section, it is necessary to wait two months following discharge by your doctor.

It aims to restore the body’s proper functioning. Like prenatal massage, post-partum massage combines several techniques to encourage the mother’s recovery, lessen the effects of pregnancy and alleviate the physical strain of caring for the baby.

Massages are tailored to suit each mother, therefore they can be softer or deeper depending on her specific needs, to alleviate pregnancy and breastfeeding tensions, favouring both physical and mental relaxation.

It is advisable to complement post-partum massage with other treatments that will help to recover the figure, tone muscles and help to improve the mother’s self-esteem. Such as: manual lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite reducing massage with maderotherapy, circulatory massage, facial treatments, rose quartz ritual or green jade ritual.

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