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Enjoy this exclusive treatment that combines the necessary products for each client.

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Enjoy this exclusive treatment that combines the necessary products for each client for to get a deep cleaning and removing impurities and dead cells that interfere with aesthetic treatment that the client wishes to receive.

A facial cleansing is the first step for all skin treatments for to work effectively. In addition, with this treatment we will be able to restore your brightness and luminosity face. It removing the excess sebaceous secretion, toxins and blackheads. Recommended for any age, your skin will recover its balance and shine. It is advisable to perform at least one deep facial cleansing every season change.

In KoruMasajes we take care of being able to put at your disposal a cleaning carried out with high quality products made by professionals to ensure that your experience is as expected. You be able to have a soft, hydrated and spectacular skin.

If you live in Seville and are thinking about getting a facial cleansing get in touch with us. We will advise you how to do it and on what is the best treatment for your skin type. Achieve rejuvenate your face, eliminate sagging skin and restore luminosity with our personalized facials.

Benefits of a facial cleansing:

  • Purify and balance. It combining two actions: elimination of toxins and normalization of the skin.

  • Regulates the sebaceous glands, helps reduce shine and refines pores.

  • It carries oxygen more easily in the skin.

  • Safe and comfortable treatment.

  • Non-painful treatment

  • This treatment has no side effects.

  • It is recommended for all skin types.

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