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Firming Facial Massage with Maderotheraphy

This massage is a treatment that use of wooden instruments of different sizes and shapes.

Rates & Duration

40 Minutes 30 €

The Experience

This massage is a treatment that use of wooden instruments of different sizes and shapes.

These pieces adapt to the different parts of the face, getting the facial stimulation necessary to reaffirm our skin.

Thanks to this natural method we help reduce stress levels, activate cell renewal, and reaffirm and tone the face. Holistic technique that stimulates energy and achieves a deep relaxation providing well-being and tranquility.

Facial Maderotheraphy is one of the most demanded techniques within the maderoterapia. Different wooden utensils created specifically to gently treat different areas of the face and neck are used. Its application has a firming effect and reactivates the production of elastin and collagen. Reaffirms, tones, molds and improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

The Facial Maderoterapia kit consists of the following elements:

  • Spline roller. Heats the skin and activates blood and lymphatic circulation. Eliminates the most superficial adipocytes.
  • Spline roller. Activates blood circulation and eliminates the most pronounced expression lines.
  • Mini molding board. Drains everything moved with the rollers, lifts eyelids and tones the skin.
  • Swedish mini cup. Eliminate double chin and raise cheekbones.
  • Anti-dark circles roller, we eliminate dark circles and eye bags, we eliminate expression lines of the lips.
  • Mini curved board which we drain and raise cheekbones.
  • Smooth roller. Eliminates expression lines and relaxes facial muscles.
  • Mini reducing fungus. Activates lymphatic blood circulation and eliminates double chin.
  • Fluted cylinders. Both are used simultaneously to eliminate deeper expression lines. Eliminates the fat lodged in the jowl by draining to the nearest glands.
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