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Body Lymphatic Drainage (Manual)

​It promotes lymph circulation, improving oedema, inflammation and fluid retention.

Rates & Duration

1 Sesion
Monthly Subcription
(4 Sesions)

The Experience

This technique is done with the hands through very soft, slow and repetitive movements. It promotes lymph circulation, improving edematous conditions, inflammations and fluid retention.

Manual lymphatic drainage strengthens the immune system, improving health status. It plays a very beneficial role in the nervous system, in addition to specifically treating different conditions.


Why do you have to do a Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

It is not necessary to suffer any of the conditions to resort to manual lymphatic drainage.

In our massage center in Seville you can receive a lymphatic drainage massage that in addition to its ability to purify the body and relieve fluid retention, is recommended for cellulite, weight loss, wrinkles, sagging or acne. You leave us healthy and super relaxed.

When the lymphatic system is congested, the lymph nodes (a kind of purification stations) cannot do their job properly and may swell. Hence the importance of manual lymphatic drainage, to help decongest these nodes and make our system work properly.

Masaje Drenaje Linfático Manual en Sevilla. Centro de Masaje en Sevilla experto en Drenaje Linfático.
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