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Pinda Hindu Ritual

This Pinda Ritual Massage comes from Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient Indian medicine, and its main purpose is the relaxation of body and mind

Rates & Duration

60 Minutes 50 €

1 Sesion

The Experience

Pindas are small sachets of natural fabric (usually cotton or linen) filled with various ingredients (in our case chamomile and lavender), which are steamed and then used for massage. Pindas and hands are used to apply pressure to various parts of the body and the face, which is why we have pindas in various sizes.

The pinda massage moisturises and detoxifies the skin, as well as deep relaxation, improving above all stress, insomnia and rheumatic problems.

By applying pressure, two effects are achieved: the massage effect of treating the body, and the aromatherapy effect, through the aromas emanating from the herbs and essences introduced into the hot pindas. Thus releasing the healing properties of the plants contained within.

Hot Pindas can be easily moved over the body and face, resulting in therapeutic effects, on an energetic level activating the chakras, and on a physical level draining the lymph and stimulating circulation, among others. With the above, we will achieve an ideal state of relaxation and balance between body and mind.

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