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Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology is an ancient technique that is based on applying pressure on reflex areas on the feet.

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Reflexology is an ancient technique that is based on applying pressure on reflex areas on the feet. These reflex areas or points correspond to organs and areas of the body. By applying pressure and massaging these points various ailments are relieved and the state of health improves.

In a timely manner, it will help you relieve pain or treat specific symptoms. When performed regularly, it helps a diseased organ to function better, improves circulation, favours the elimination of toxins, or prevent various ailments.

With our foot massage not only can you treat and prevent ailments, but you can also experience well-being and relaxation.

If all types of massages are considered wonderful, this massage will undoubtedly surprise you. Let it surprise you.

Foot reflexology sessions in our Seville massage centre have a duration of 40 min. (€30). The ideal frequency for performing this type of therapy is 1 weekly session.


“Heal your body through your feet”


If learning about foot reflexology has surprised you and you can’t wait to experience it yourself, do not delay trying it; we are waiting for you at Koru Masajes!

A little more about this amazing technique:

Our feet have connection with all the vital organs of our body. The sole of our feet, and the feet as a whole, schematically represent the entire body and its organs. This is the principle of foot reflexology.

This part of our anatomy contains no fewer than 7,200 nerve endings. By massaging the feet, through reflexology, it is possible to heal and improve any issues affecting the relevant organs and body areas. Foot reflexology acts as an excellent disease prevention system, as well as being an excellent relaxant, as it balances the body’s vital energy.

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