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Moisturising Foot and Hand Treatment

Specific treatment for hand and foot skin care.

Rates & Duration

1 Sesion

The Experience

Proper skin function is directly related to skin hydration. In moisturised skin, it is difficult for cracks, flaking or calluses to appear, minimising the chances of infection by micro-organisms.

Our treatment to moisturise feet and hands includes:

• Exfoliating scrub with pearl powder.
• Pearl or chocolate powder wrap.
• Intensive moisturising
• Soothing massage with lavender oil.

When it comes to feet, hydration plays a fundamental role, as skin here usually supports the weight of our body or the friction of footwear.

Hands are just as sensitive to the passage of time and in many cases the appearance of wrinkles and ageing is noticeable even earlier than on the face. Cold, pollution and a lack of care will cause our hands to age prematurely.

Our foot and hand treatment will moisturise and soften your hands and feet. Relax and enjoy the Foot and Hand Treatment. You deserve it!

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