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Express Facial Hygiene

A quick and effective facial hygiene treatment. Skin disinfection and cleansing treatment

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Personalized Facial Hygiene

Enjoy this exclusive treatment that combines the necessary products for each client.

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Anti-Aging Treatment

Firming and smoothing wrinkle treatment to prevent and correct existing signs of age and premature ageing

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Vitamin C Brightening Treatment

Nature’s most powerful brightener A powerful antioxidant that reduces wrinkles and brightens facial skin like no other active ingredient.

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Firming Facial Massage with Maderotherapy

This massage is a treatment that uses wooden instruments of various sizes and shapes.

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Combine with Lymphatic Drainage 60 Min.

Facial Lymphatic Drainage (Manual)

The facial massage that eliminates inflammation. Activate the facial lymphatic system and eliminate toxins.

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Combine with Maderotherapy 60 Min.

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