The relaxing massage is designed to give the body and mind the state of peace and tranquility you desire.

The masseur focuses its attention on unloading all the stress and tension that our body accumulates, through long passes and soft, slow and firm pressures that generate in the organism an effect of well-being and relaxation.





Deep tissue massage is recommended for relieving muscular contracture, pain, lack of elasticity and mobility .It is an energetic and strong massage.
At the beginning of the massage we will do a muscular check to locate the contractures and stress. After that we will use skills and deep movements that will slowly give back elasticity to the muscle, reducing the pain in the affected area.





Our favorite one. The combined massage gathers relaxing and deep tissue massage techniques. It relieves muscular pain, and on the other hand relax body and mind reaching a full wellness sensation.

it can be both on a laced area or full body. With this massage you will recover flexibility and energy.





The circulatory massage is the perfect combination to improve your legs condition, avoiding heaviness, firming tissues and stimulating feedback venous circulation. Very suitable for those days in which you feel you legs are swollen.
Through out this passes on our skin and muscles we will get to mobilize our body liquids taking nutrients to our cells.Reaching a healthy relaxing legs.

We will give the massage with a mixture of almond oiled and arnica, ruscus, horse chestnuts and hamamelis enriched cold gel.In a one single session you will feel and immediate relief and a freshness that will last time.
Also recommended for pregnants.





During this massage you will feel a deep relaxing peace sensation.

Through out a smooth head massage ( heaven ) and feet ( earth )you will reach to balance body and mind.
Suitable for all kind of person who wants to reduce stress and harmonize his body





The manual Lymphatic drainage is a kind of massage that spurs lymphatic system functioning, essential for the efficient running of the immune system, responsible for removing toxins and getting immune system on fit .
It´s carried out all ver the body for overall circulation stimulation specially in the more inflamated areas such as legs and abdomen.
It is given by superficial movements usually in circles and its is characterized by an intense work in the lymphatic nodes area.
For a an optimal result in which we feel a decrease on swell, pain and heaviness, several sessions are needed.





Prenatal massage combines different techniques to adapt to each of the stages of pregnancy and the needs of the future breast. These massages reduce the discomfort and fatigue produced in this new stage, in addition to eliminating tension and stress.
The sessions last 50 or 70 minutes, where we treat the whole body or only the area or areas that need it most.

How it is performed? We have a special stretcher for pregnant women with holes for the chest and belly where you can place yourself comfortably upside down and enjoy a full massage. If you prefer you can also enjoy your massage on a conventional stretcher, sitting on your back when we work feet and legs and lying on your side to treat back and neck. You can choose the option where you feel most comfortable 🙂

We use sweet almond oil to hydrate and nourish the skin while we perform the massage, thus avoiding the appearance of stretch marks.

When is it advisable to perform this massage? Midwives and gynecologists recommend it during the second and third trimesters. The ideal protocol for this type of massage would be fortnightly from the second trimester until the last week of pregnancy, although it can also be done weekly depending on the needs of the future breast.
It can also be combined with lymphatic drainage massage that is recommended from the first trimester or with circulatory massage.
In KoruMasajes you will enjoy a wonderful massage that will relieve your discomfort and improve your health. It is the ideal time to take care of yourself.




This massage relaxes muscles and Central Nervous System.It acts on lines and reduce stress and headaches.
EFM gathers five manual techniques:

1.- Manual lymphatic drainage: through soft and slow “pumping” movements. The little pressures are leaded to the lymph to remove toxins in a natural way.
2.-Acupressure: By fingers presionan some facial energy points we will relax the face
3.-Rejuvenating massage: It reduces wrinkles, spots, swelling and flaccidity.
4.- Cupping: Suction cupps massage drains the excess liquid, fats and toxins.The suctions lifts the conjunctive tissue activating the blood circulation and toning and dissolving skin stagnation.
5.- Gua Sha and Jade Roller: It tones you up by the superficial rubbing your face skin. It removes toxins and stimulate tissue oxygenation favouring skin nutrition.Jade Crystal low temperature helps close skin pores and reduce eye bags and dark circles.
This five techniques helps increase skin firming and fade little wrinkles and lines, stimulating the skin natural capacity to renew itself, getting a relaxing and healthy look





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You just need to choose the massage you prefer and enjoy it with your couple.I will be a moment you will remember and will want to try again.
We are located in one of the smartest areas in Seville, just close to the river at a 5 minutes walk from the centre. Just because of that, after your massage you would be able to go on with a nice stroll, enjoy some restaurant in our city or just have a rest at your hotel.
Just because enjoying this experience in “two” is enjoying twice. And the one who have tried, they have recommend.

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