This massage relaxes muscles and Central Nervous System.It acts on lines and reduce stress and headaches.

EFM gathers five manual techniques:

1.- Manual lymphatic drainage: through soft and slow “pumping” movements. The little pressures are leaded to the lymph to remove toxins in a natural way.

2.-Acupressure: By fingers presionan some facial energy points we will relax the face

3.-Rejuvenating massage: It reduces wrinkles, spots, swelling and flaccidity.

4.- Cupping: Suction cupps massage drains the excess liquid, fats and toxins.The suctions lifts the conjunctive tissue activating the blood circulation and toning and dissolving skin stagnation.

5.- Gua Sha and Jade Roller: It tones you up by the superficial rubbing your face skin. It removes toxins and stimulate tissue oxygenation favouring skin nutrition.Jade Crystal low temperature helps close skin pores and reduce eye bags and dark circles.
This five techniques helps increase skin firming and fade little wrinkles and lines, stimulating the skin natural capacity to renew itself, getting a relaxing and healthy look.

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