KoruMasajes was born a summer afternoon while we dreamt about how to make the world a better place. In that moment we could not imagine how far that idea was going to go, or how will it be named, or even how many changes would be made until it became true. Now KoruMasajes is our professional and personal project, a place dedicated to the care and improvement of human beings, both physically and emotionally, through different techniques of manual and energetic Naturopathy.
Founder and massage therapist at KoruMasajes.


I´ll tell, you a bit about me before Koru.

My professional career begins as a pedagogue. While studying my career, I worked in different social sectors, children, women, inmigrants and homeless. I did an european volunteer to Italy at Nero e Non solo a helping to refugee association an was trained as Internacional Cooperation in Honduras.

In 2008 psychology grew up my interest and started to study in meditation and Art therapy, this helped me give a change to my professional career pat.

In 2012 started to study Chiromassage. This formation changed my life in order to take a new way and found KoruMasajes, my personal and professional project that thrills me and excites me every day. I continue training in other manual skills such as Reiki, auricupolunture, reflexology lymphatic drainage, wood therapy, Cupping, etc…

At the present, I have taken back my pedagogical past and i teach at Hylé, escuela de técnicas manuales y psicocorporales; and i´ve just commenced my training in Gestalt. In my sessions I integrate both knowledge developing a monitoring process of the improvement progress so as the person feels accompanied and understood in his way to health.

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