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Heaven & Earth Massage

During this massage you will feel a deep relaxing peace sensation.

Rates & Duration

40 Minutes 30 €

The Experience

During this massage you will feel a deep relaxing peace sensation.

Through out a smooth head massage (heaven) and feet (earth) you will reach to balance body and mind.

Suitable for all kind of person who wants to reduce stress and harmonize his body.

For this relaxing massage we will use foot reflexology and sacral skull massage techniques.

Foot reflexology is an ancient technique with origins in ancient China and Egypt. It is based on the stimulation of points on the feet, called reflex zones that produce specific effects in other areas of the body. It prevents different symptoms and ailments improving our physical and mental balance.

In addition to the feet and head we can also unify it with a hand massage so that the experience is even more complete.

Relaxing and delicate massage that will make you transport yourself to other places.

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