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Combined Massage

The combined massage includes both deep tissue and relaxing massage techniques.

Rates & Duration

1 Sesion
Monthly Subscription
(4 Sesions)
*The 30 minute massage will be a single zone massage

The Experience

It is our favourite. The combined massage includes both deep tissue and relaxing massage techniques. On the one hand it relieves muscle ailments, and on the other, it calms both body and the mind, achieving a feeling of complete well-being. It can be performed on specific areas or as a full body massage. With this massage you will recover flexibility and energy.

The benefits of a combined massage are:

  1. Muscles are relaxed and tension is released built up due to physical exertion. Massages are an ideal way to reward a tired body.
  2. Massages help control anxiety and depression. Massages help reduce the levels of a hormone called cortisol, so they lift the mood and lower blood pressure. In addition to stimulating serotonin and dopamine: two neurotransmitters related to depression.
  3. Massages relieve pain. Massages help relieve pain in the back and throughout the body. They also decrease stiffness, while improving mobility.
  4. Massages improve sleep, as according to studies, brain delta waves increase, which are related to deep sleep.
  5. Massages increase immunity. People who enjoy massage sessions experience changes in their immune and endocrine system responses.
  6. Massages fight premenstrual syndrome. Massages can decrease premenstrual symptoms such as swelling or mood swings.
  7. Massages reduce headaches. They help decrease the amount of headaches suffered and lessen their discomfort.
  8. Massages help you to look and feel more attractive Massages are not only pleasant, but also make skin look more radiant and feel healthier.
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