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Koru Masajes was born a summer afternoon while we dreamt about how to make the world a better place. In that moment we could not imagine how far that idea was going to go, or how it would be named, or even how many changes would be made until it became a dream come true. Now Koru Masajes is our professional and personal project: a place dedicated to looking after and improving the lives of human beings, both physically and emotionally, through various techniques of manual and energetic Naturopathy.

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Founder and Masseuse at Koru Masajes

My professional career began as a teacher. While studying my degree I worked with various social sectors, children, women, immigrants, homeless people… I was a European volunteer in Italy at Nero e Non Solo, an association dedicated to refugee aid, and I trained in International Cooperation in Honduras.

In 2008 psychology experienced a surge in interest and I began to train in mediation and art therapy, which helped me to change my professional path. And in 2012 I began training as a chiromassage therapist.

This training changed my life so that I could take a new path and create KoruMasajes: a professional and personal project that still excites me every day.

I have continued my training in other manual and energetic techniques, such as Reiki, auriculotherapy, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, maderotherapy, cupping, etc. Currently I have recovered my teaching work, and I teach chiromassage at Hylé, a school of manual and body psychotherapy techniques. I have also commenced training in Gestalt Therapy.

In my sessions I integrate my knowledge, following up the improvement process, so that the person feels accompanied and understood in their journey towards Health