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We reward your fidelity with a 10 massage gift voucher with a reduced price. I you are going to follow a several sessions treatment or you are a regular customer, this is your best option. Six months validity. Personal and non-transferible.
Also available in Gift voucher mode:

  • 10 x 50´Combined or Deep tissue Massages . 320€ (30€ Save)
  • 10 x 70´Combined or Deep tissue Massages. 410€ (40€ Save)
  • 10 x 90´Combined or Deep tissue Massages. 500€ (50€ Save)




Gift with unforgettable sensation to those you love.
All our massages are available in both: digital and printed gift voucher . Choose the option you like better.

Digital Gift Card: We can send it to you by Email, SMS or Whatsapp
Printed Gift Card: you can collect it at KoruMasajes Center.
Ask for it right now and give a heathen wellness gift !